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I launched Global Karting League to make motorsport fairer.

I believe that the fastest driver ever has never actually sat in a racing car, because of the high cost of motorsport.

So, we've used our F1 expertise to design a fixed price karting experience. Everything is taken care of - the kart, the maintenance, the training.

The differentiator is not your wallet, but the kid in the kart. There’s no way you can buy an advantage.

We provide a credible new pathway to the top of motorsport. I'd love you to join us on our journey.

Rob Smedley,
Ferrari F1 Race Engineer


Launched in the UK in 2022, GKL will open two international championships in 2024, with the aim of reaching 50 championships within 5 years.

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Our racers come from all backgrounds. We’re proud to have 22% (twice the industry average) female drivers and we welcome every young racer with open arms.

In 2022, we partnered with Award winning actor, producer, director, and musician Idris Elba to launch SpeedAcademy, a program to find, nurture and develop future racing talent from communities currently under represented in the world of motorsport.